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WorkCover Queensland's partnership with Monash University on our Recovery Blueprint project has been well received within the industry.

Senior Research Fellow Dr Ross Iles from Monash University presented at the 20th annual National Workers' Compensation Summit in Melbourne in February 2019.

Dr Iles took to the stage to share some highlights from his research. The Recovery Blueprint project is being piloted at WorkCover to identify workers who may be at risk of delayed return to work and offer them the right rehabilitation support.

During the pilot, we are gathering relevant information from workers to help us understand their injury, and some of the potential barriers which may impact return to work. Workers responses are helping us work with them to plan their rehabilitation, recovery and return to work.

Dr Iles shared how his team's research in the workers' compensation industry developed learnings and insights which were drawn upon and developed further in the Recovery Blueprint project at WorkCover.

In this short clip from the event, Dr Iles explains how risk identification in claims has two purposes:

  • Guide appropriate allocation of resources
  • Guide appropriate service delivery.

In the clip below, Dr Iles also explains the best practice principles, and how this approach is being tested at WorkCover Queensland.

More information

You can find out more about our Recovery Blueprint project here.