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Recovery Blueprint

Project overview

WorkCover Queensland is piloting a new approach to managing workplace injury claims which is designed to achieve better claim and return to work outcomes.

Partnering with Monash University, WorkCover has researched, designed and is now testing the types of care different workers may need as part of its “Recovery Blueprint” pilot.

The pilot is the result of 12 months of work to better identify workers who may be at risk of a delayed return to work after injury, and offer them the right rehabilitation support.

The first phase of testing started in July 2018, the second phase of testing started in October 2018 and the third phase of testing started in February 2019. WorkCover and Monash are gathering feedback throughout the pilot to monitor its effectiveness in improving the experience of injured workers and employers. Find out more about how we're offering tailored support to meet individual needs.

During the pilot, we will gather relevant information from workers to help us understand their injury, and some of the potential barriers which may impact return to work. Workers responses will help us work with them to plan their rehabilitation, recovery and return to work.

WorkCover Chief Executive Officer, Bruce Watson said the Monash University partnership creates a strong fusion between industry and research that will realise significant insights and benefits for WorkCover and its customers.

He said WorkCover is committed to understanding the hidden factors which can influence return to work.

“We want to support workers and employers early in the claim process to ensure an improved experience with better long-term outcomes for our customers,” he said.

“By making a positive difference early, we can deliver excellent return to work outcomes for workers.”

“Monash's proven track record in research and innovation in insurance, injury management and rehabilitation will further enhance WorkCover's in-house capabilities and provide valuable claim intervention insights,” Mr Watson said.

“Learnings from this research project will be shared with WorkCover's customers, stakeholders and other workers' compensation schemes to continually improve how workers and employers are supported after their injury.”

Monash University Senior Research Fellow Ross Iles said it is exciting to see the WorkCover pilot teams using the first elements of Recovery Blueprint.

“Recovery Blueprint represents merging what we know from research about helping people recover from work injury with the real world practice of identifying injured workers' needs and providing the best possible support,” he said.

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