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Preventing workers falling from trucks

The transport industry has a high rate of injuries and fatalities resulting from workers falling off trucks and trailers. The risks of these falls are commonly associated with the design of a vehicle, the equipment used, and work practices and behaviour including organisational and broader industry factors. The risks should be identified and controlled by businesses operating in the road transport industry and their supply chains.

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) is running a campaign to reduce fall related incidents within the transport industry and its supply chain. The campaign's main objective is to work with industry to find out what the problems are and develop practical tools and case studies to address these.

To date, the campaign has involved 30 workshops held across Queensland in 2013 and 145 workplace assessments. WHSQ developed a falls risk identification process that was piloted at 12 workplaces in 2014, released a short film in 2015 and facilitated a webinar about falls in 2016.