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Transport and storage industry interventions and campaigns

Do you own or are licenced to operate a vehicle loading crane?

Commencing in August 2018, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) and the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) will conduct an enforcement campaign to ensure VLC owners and operators:

  • are complying with relevant work health and safety and road safety requirements
  • have implemented adequate controls to reduce the likelihood of unintentional extension of manually operated stabilisers and outriggers.

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Safely immobilising heavy vehicles and trailers

There have been 14 fatalities in Queensland where a worker was crushed or hit by a heavy vehicle or trailer because it was not effectively immobilised.

To raise industry awareness and assist workplaces to find ways to control the risks associated with immobilising heavy vehicles and trailers, a statewide audit campaign will run from July to December 2016.

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Onsite traffic management project

Workplaces in the construction, manufacturing, transport and agriculture industries will be the focus of a statewide assessment campaign starting in July 2016 targeting traffic management.

The project aims to reduce the rate of fatalities and severity of injuries involving people being hit by mobile plant and vehicles at Queensland workplaces.

As part of the project, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) inspectors will visit workplaces to raise awareness of the risks and help them implement effective traffic management strategies.

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Preventing falls from trucks

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland is running a campaign to reduce falls related incidents within the transport industry and its associated supply chain. The campaign's main objectives are to work with industry to find out what the problems are and develop practical tools and case studies to address these.

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Safe handling when securing loads on trucks campaign

The transport industry has a high rate of serious injuries associated with workers securing loads, especially when using dogs and cheater bars.

This campaign ran in 2012, with the goal to reduce the incidence and severity of injuries associated with securing loads on trucks by raising awareness about the risks associated with equipment and activities.

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) inspectors observed high risk activities, behaviours and design issues across all types of freight tasks, vehicle and trailer types, and at sites throughout the supply chain.

This campaign continued in 2015 with the goal to identify areas of improvement and implement new processes by working with industry.

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Past campaigns