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Report a claim farmer

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Report claim farming
Are you providing this information to the Workers’ Compensation Regulator for yourself or on someone’s behalf? *
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Claim farmer contact details
What was the name of the person or company who contacted you? If you were given additional contact details, please list them below.
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Did the claim farmer attempt to refer you to a law practice to make a claim in relation to a work-related injury? *
Did the claim farmer attempt to refer you to someone else to assist you in making a claim? * (e.g. a medical or legal provider)
(e.g. suggestions on how the caller may have obtained your personal information)
Please note: If you have additional files to attach, then please email to seek an alternative send method.
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Your details are not compulsory but there is a better chance we will be able to investigate your report if you do provide your details. It is our policy not to release your information unless we are authorised or required by law.

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