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Safety in sawmilling industry campaign

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) conducted a Safety in sawmilling industry campaign from March – October 2018. As part of the campaign, WHSQ provided advisory services and conducted compliance assessments at Queensland log sawmilling workplaces.

What did the campaign focus on?

The campaign assisted sawmilling workplaces better manage hazards and risks, by focusing on safe systems of work, hazard identification and implementing effective high order controls in all areas of log sawmilling.

What can my business do?

  • Use the self-assessment checklists listed below to assist you review your safety compliance and identify hazards, assess risks and decide on appropriate controls.
  • Take advantage of the tailored, face-to-face advice provided by our Injury Prevention and Management (IPaM) advisors. IPaM advisors can assist you assess your systems for sawmilling and advise you on how to make improvements. IPaM is free for Queensland businesses. Register for IPaM now to talk to an advisor or email for more information.