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Safety in Sawmilling Industry campaign commencing March 2018

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) will be launching the Safety in sawmilling campaign in March 2018. As part of the campaign we will conduct workplace advisory and compliance assessments at Queensland log sawmilling workplaces from March to October 2018.

Who is this campaign targeting?

The campaign will assist sawmilling workplaces to better manage hazards and risks effectively and sustainably, by focusing on safe systems of work, hazard identification and control in all areas of the log sawmilling process.

When can my business expect a visit?

Sawmilling workplaces will be notified prior to the inspector visits.

There are two phases to the visits:

  • Phase 1: An inspector will visit the workplace to provide advice and resources to help identify gaps in safety management systems, risks and hazard identification.
  • Phase 2: Approximately three months after the initial visit, the inspector will return and conduct a worksite compliance assessment of log sawmilling processes.

What can my business do to prepare and participate?

WHSQ has developed self-assessment checklists to assist sawmilling workplaces to review their safety compliance prior to the inspector visit. Sawmilling workplaces are encouraged to use these resources prior to the inspector visits, to identify hazards, risks and appropriate controls to improve safety.




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