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Insurance premium compliance

WorkCover Queensland has Authorised Persons who can carry out administrative compliance actions to identify and administratively penalise employers who don't hold adequate workers’ compensation insurance.

WorkCover uses sophisticated data matching systems to link to Federal and State Government agencies. Under-insured or uninsured employers may also be identified through online wage audits, employer site visits or various education and awareness campaigns undertaken by WorkCover throughout the year.

For employers who are uninsured or under-insured, WorkCover can recover unpaid premium along with a penalty equal to 100% of the unpaid premium.  Also, if WorkCover has paid compensation or damages for an injury sustained by a worker when the employer was uninsured or under-insured, WorkCover can also recover the amount of the payment made together with a penalty equal to 50% of the payment.

In addition, WorkCover will refer certain matters for uninsured and under-insured employers to Workers’ Compensation Regulatory Services for investigation and possible prosecution.

ActivityNumber Amount recovered
Employer wage audits 556 $9,251,071
Employer site visits 442 $110,161
Action against uninsured employers where a claim was made 151 $5,030,124
Classification reviews 247$4,255,180