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Become an electricity entity safety management systems auditor

To apply to become an accredited auditor for electricity entity safety management systems under the Electrical Safety Act 2002, the applicant must complete the Form 47 - Application for appointment as an electricity entity safety management system accredited auditor (PDF, 0.26 MB).

The appointment of an electricity entity SMS accredited auditor comprises of a nominee and at least one nominee representative. The nominee is generally the director of the company and the nominee representative is the auditor/s. There may be a combination of skills sets required by nominee representatives to meet the requirements of an electricity entity SMS accredited auditor.

During the appointment, the electricity entity SMS accredited auditor must:

  • maintain their capabilities, skills, and knowledge for the duration of their appointment
  • keep records which confirm the maintenance of these capabilities
  • ensure that corporations who are appointed maintain their capabilities
  • ensure that personnel associated with the assessment and validation of the safety management systems must also maintain their skills and knowledge
  • be responsible for assessing and validating the prescribed entity's safety management system.

More information on the conditions of accreditation is available in the Safety Management System Audit and Governance Guide.

Key items to consider when applying to become an electricity entity SMS Accredited Auditor

An applicant must demonstrate their capability for the role as an accredited auditor by submitting a capability statement. The statement must address attributes criteria as listed in the application form. The attributes are:

  • knowledge
  • skills and abilities
  • education / professional development
  • work experience.

Supporting documentation must include copies of educational qualifications, training course certificates, curriculum vitae, audit logs, audit reports and any other information mentioned.