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'Like for like' electrical equipment replacement

In some circumstances an accredited auditor may not need to conduct an inspection of electrical equipment that has been replaced in high voltage installations or installations within hazardous areas before it is reconnected.

However if you are in control of electrical equipment you have a legal obligation to ensure the equipment and installation is electrically safe.

The electrical work must be tested to ensure the installation is safe even if an inspection by an accredited auditor is not required.

No audit required

If the electrical equipment is replaced with 'like for like' equipment then an accredited auditor is not required to inspect the installation.

Electrical equipment is considered to be 'like for like' if:

  • the existing circuit wiring can be reconnected to the termination point of the replacement equipment which has been placed in the same position as the replaced unit
  • the electrical rating characteristics are identical (thus not changing the maximum demand or rating of the installation)
  • the classification ratings are identical (no change in the protection level/technique of the equipment)
  • the replacement equipment has certification proving compliance with the appropriate Australian Standards, namely
    • new equipment
    • second hand equipment (if it has been assessed in an accredited workshop)
    • repaired equipment (if it has been repaired in an accredited workshop).

Not 'like for like' equipment - audit is required

If you replace equipment that has different specifications to the original, or that requires alteration of the installation wiring to enable termination, this is not considered a 'like for like' replacement.

These replacements will require an inspection by an accredited auditor prior to reconnection.