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Information for appointed accredited auditors

The information on this page is for auditors accredited by the Electrical Safety Office (ESO) under the Electrical Safety Act 2002.

Accredited auditors are appointed by the Electrical Safety Regulator under Section 129 of the Electrical Safety Regulation 2013. The accredited auditor holds office according to the conditions of their instrument of appointment and must be able to produce their photo identity card on request.

Accredited auditor categories are as follows:

  • Safety management systems
  • Hazardous areas Category 1 – Flammable gases and liquids
  • Hazardous areas Category 2 – Combustible dusts
  • Hazardous areas Category 3 - Flammable gases and liquids and combustible dusts
  • High voltage installations.

All accredited auditors are to adhere to the conditions of office attached to their instrument of appointment.