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What if my claim isn't accepted or stops?

WorkCover’s decision to reject an application for compensation or stop compensation payments is made after taking into account all the facts relating to your claim.

We look at:

  • whether your claim was made in the right timeframe
  • whether you're a Queensland worker
  • whether your injury is work-related, including details of how, where and when it happened
  • how long you’re unable to work
  • what your treatment needs are for your work-related injury.

My claim has been rejected. What now?

Someone from WorkCover will speak to you and explain the reasons why we’ve decided to reject your claim. We’ll make every attempt to help you understand our decision, which will be based on medical evidence. We’ll also put the reasons in writing to you.

If you don’t agree with the decision you can ask for it to be reviewed by the Workers Compensation Regulator.

If you have concerns about the way your claim has been managed, you can also provide feedback to WorkCover.

My claim was approved but has now been closed. What now?

There are different reasons why we might cease a claim and stop payments.

The reasons are generally (but not always) to do with whether you’ve received the necessary treatment for your work-related injury and whether you’re able to work.

We’ll always make this decision based on medical evidence.

What if I need further treatment that’s not covered?

If you still need treatment for a pre-existing or non-work-related condition or injury, you can:

  • talk to your health insurance provider about covering costs
  • talk to your superannuation fund to see if you have sickness and accident cover
  • explore your options in the public health system with your GP
  • if you were injured in a car accident you could talk to your third party insurer
  • if your condition is psychological or psychiatric, talk to your GP about a mental health plan or access other mental health support resources.

I don’t think I can work. What should I do?

If your claim has ceased but you don’t think you can work, you can:

  • speak to your doctor about what you may be able to do at work
  • speak to your employer about any leave you can access
  • discuss other duties with your employer so that you can get back to work if possible
  • talk to your income protection insurer, if you have one, or see if your superannuation fund has sickness or accident cover
  • talk to WorkCover about the Employment Connect program
  • talk to Centrelink.