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Information for insurers

Medical assessment tribunals make independent expert medical decisions about work-related injury or impairment. Insurers can refer a claim to the tribunal under the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003.

Before you make a referral, you should advise the worker:

  • that the referral is being made and why
  • that they can bring a support person and/or representative
  • it’s essential they bring all radiology imaging for any physical injury being referred
  • you will make any reasonable travel arrangements for the worker
  • you will arrange (and pay for) an interpreter, if required.

The Medical Assessment Tribunal – Referral Guidelines (PDF, 0.18 MB) list the mandatory and relevant information that must be provided with a referral. A referral cannot be made without this information.

It is important that you let us know if there are any considerations or adjustments that are required to be made to support the worker or to support the health and safety of the tribunal members and staff.

If you have any questions, please contact 1300 738 197 before submitting your referral.

All referrals must be submitted via the insurer online portal with attachments uploaded in PDF format and clearly labelled.

Yes. A recent comprehensive medical specialist report is required for all tribunal types. The report must be no more than six months old unless it is accompanied by a progress report. See Medical Assessment Tribunal – Referral Guidelines (PDF, 0.18 MB) for more information.

Following an initial review of the referral information, mandatory requirements as outlined in the Medical Assessment Tribunal – Referral Guidelines (PDF, 0.18 MB) were not met.

Once a complete referral is received and validated, the tribunal hearing will be held within approximately six to eight weeks. There may be delays if an insurer does not confirm interpreter arrangements as early as possible.

Yes, you can provide additional documents up to the day before the hearing. You must also forward these documents to the worker. Documents that have not been exchanged with all parties, within the required timeframes, cannot be considered by the tribunal.

Further information

The below resources are available to assist insurers to prepare a complete referral: