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Paying my premium

WorkCover Queensland

Paying your premium with WorkCover is quick, easy and flexible.

Pay your premium using our online services.

Pay your premium

Refer to your premium notice for additional payment options.

Pay your premium using our online services.

Pay your premium

Refer to your premium notice for additional payment options.

Accident Insurance policyholders

Pay your premium using our WorkCover Connect online service.

Pay your premium

Refer to your premium notice for additional payment options.

New insurance policies

You can pay your premium at the time of taking out your new policy. This can be done over the phone or online. You can choose to pay in full or set up a monthly payment plan to pay over time.

Existing policy renewals

Your policy renewal is due between 1 July and 30 September. You can choose to pay your premium in full or you can set up a payment plan.

If you want to pay your premium in full, your premium payment is due by 30 September at the latest. However, if you declare your wages and pay in full by 16 September, you’ll receive a discount.

All accident insurance policy holders are eligible for payment plans.

What if I pay my premium late?

Paying your premium late can affect your insurance cover. You’ll not only receive a late payment penalty, but you won’t be covered by your policy until payments are up to date (including penalty fees).

If you’re not covered by your policy due to late payment, and one of your workers is injured, you’ll be liable for their costs.

Payment options

Payment plans are interest free, don’t cost any extra and make managing your premium costs even easier.

If you want to set up a payment plan for a new or renewing policy:

  • your premium must be more than $200

If you’re renewing your policy:

  • your wages must be declared by 31 August
  • your previous year’s premium must be paid in full with any previous payment plans finalised.

You can choose which day of the month your payment plan falls on (any day between the 5th and 25th of each month) and the starting month of your payment plan (either July, August, September or October).

You can change your payment date at any time if you need to.

Login to our online services to set up or change an existing payment plan.

Deposit your payment with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia using the details below:

  • BSB: 064 013
  • Account number: 1000 8320
  • use your WorkCover Queensland policy number as the reference number.

So we can match your payment to your insurance policy, once you’ve made your deposit, please email your payment confirmation to

To pay by BPAY, please use biller code: 182006

Your reference number will be listed on your premium notice.

For more information on how to pay via BPAY, please contact your bank or see

You can pay your premium with your Visa or Mastercard using our online services or when speaking with one of our representatives during your policy set up/renewal.

Alternatively, you can call 1300 132 278 to pay (this is an automated service).

If you’re paying by cheque, please attach the payment slip from the bottom of your premium notice and return it to:

WorkCover Queensland
GPO Box 2772
Brisbane QLD 4001

Please allow at least a week prior to the payment due date for the cheque to reach us and clear. This makes sure you’re premium is paid on time and you remain covered by your policy.