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Types of insurance

WorkCover Queensland

WorkCover Queensland offers several different insurance products. Choosing the correct policy for you, your workers and your business is important. We’re here to help you get it right.

How do I know which policy is right for me?

The type of policy you take out will depend on the workers you employ, the type of business or organisation you run and your own role.

If you’re an employer in Queensland, you’ll be looking to take out an Accident Insurance Policy.

But, depending on your situation, other options might be appropriate.

The sections below will guide you through the different types of insurance we offer and why you might need them.

Our accident insurance policy is the one most employers in Queensland hold.

It’s compulsory to insure your workers against work-related injury or illness (unless you’re a self-insurer). Accident insurance covers you for all statutory and damages claim costs if one of your workers is injured.

Learn more about accident insurance.

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If you employ someone like a nanny, a gardener, a cleaner or in-home carer (or similar), in or around a private dwelling house and who you pay directly, you need to insure them in case they’re injured while working for you.

WorkCover’s Household worker insurance will make sure they, and you, are covered.

Learn more about household worker insurance.

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If you’re a director, partner of a partnership, sole trader or trustee, you’re not covered by your company’s Accident Insurance Policy because you’re not considered a worker under the Act.

This means you need to take out separate insurance if you want to be covered, however this isn’t compulsory.

Learn more about workplace personal injury insurance.

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Some employers (who meet certain criteria) are able to self-insure and can manage and pay for their own claim costs.

Learn more about the criteria and whether or not you may be able to self-insure.

Insuring volunteers is not compulsory but WorkCover Queensland may be able to offer insurance cover for volunteers like councillors, board members or delegates in their positions for not-for-profit, religious or charitable organisations or public bodies.

There are limitations to what can be covered though. Please call us on 1300 362 128 for more information, to apply for a policy or to find out about other options.

You do not have to insure for work experience or vocational placements. However, WorkCover may be able to offer you insurance for:

  • private secondary school students
  • registered training organisation students.

There are limits to what is covered by this insurance. The following examples are not covered:

  • voluntary work experience program
  • required work experience as part of a university or university college course.

Please call us on 1300 362 128 to find out more or apply for a policy.

If you need to cancel your WorkCover insurance policy, please call us on 1300 362 128.

Accident Insurance policies can also be cancelled using WorkCover Connect.