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Work capacity certificate

Before making a claim for workers’ compensation with WorkCover Queensland (or a self-insurer) you will need a work capacity certificate from your doctor.

What is a work capacity certificate?

A work capacity certificate is a type of medical certificate that tells WorkCover (or a self-insurer) about your work-related injury or illness, what treatment you need and if you need time off work.

These certificates are used specifically for workers' compensation related matters. They include a lot more information than a standard medical certificate.

What information is on a work capacity certificate?

A work capacity certificate provides important information to an insurer, including:

  • your name and details
  • the type of injury/illness you have (diagnosis)
  • the date the injury occurred and how it occurred
  • what treatment you will need
  • whether you can return to work or if you need time off
  • any restrictions you have in completing certain tasks or functions
  • any workplace changes or considerations that are needed to help you return to work
  • the details of the medical practitioner who completed the certificate.

Below is a sample work capacity certificate. Your doctor may use an older version of this form:

How is this certificate used?

The information provided on a work capacity certificate is used by WorkCover to make a decision on your claim and to help us understand how to best support you.

Information about your capacity for work, including what tasks you can do, will also be shared with your employer to help them plan your return to work and suitable duties.

How do I get a work capacity certificate?

You will need to ask a medical practitioner, such as your treating doctor, surgeon, or psychiatrist, for a work capacity certificate.

This certificate can also be completed by a nurse practitioner for a minor injury, or by a dentist for an oral/dental injury.

WorkCover will not accept a work capacity certificate completed by an allied health provider, such as a physiotherapist or psychologist.

Submitting it to WorkCover

It is your responsibility, as a worker, to submit a valid work capacity certificate when you make a claim for workers' compensation, or to confirm with your medical provider that they will submit it on your behalf.

You can submit a work capacity certificate to WorkCover online or through the Worker Assist app.

Submit certificate

Are you a medical provider?

For more information on how to fill out a work capacity certificate for an injured worker, please visit this page.