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Information for self-insurers

Workers’ Compensation Regulatory Services works with self-insurers to keep workers safe, productive and healthy and to provide a balanced workers’ compensation scheme for workers and businesses.

Workers’ Compensation Regulatory Services administers the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003. As part of this diverse role we:

  • regulate Queensland’s workers’ compensation scheme
  • facilitate legal and medical dispute resolutions
  • educate and promote Queensland’s workers’ compensation scheme
  • administer grants and provide rehabilitation advisory services
  • undertake workplace rehabilitation and return to work accreditation activities.

Workers’ Compensation Regulatory Services uses a risk-based Self-insurer performance and compliance framework (PDF, 0.72 MB) which outlines:

  • how Workers’ Compensation Regulatory Services monitors your performance
  • the standards of service that you must achieve
  • and your legislative and licence conditions.

We will work with you towards identifying and reducing risks.

You should also be aware of the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 Compliance and Enforcement Policy (PDF, 0.57 MB).

The following documents will guide you through the legislative and administrative requirements for self-insurers.

Work health and safety performance assessments

  • Self-insurance guidance – WHS performance reporting arrangements (PDF, 0.65 MB)
    A guide on the legislative requirements, work health and safety performance standards and reporting required when applying for self-insurance or renewing your licence.
  • Self-insurance guidance – WHS auditor appointment procedures (PDF, 0.76 MB)
    OIR accredits work health and safety auditors (self-insurance) for work health and safety performance reporting. This document explains the administrative procedures and appointment conditions that must be met for this accreditation.

Use these forms to renew and adjust your self-insurer licence.

For single employers

For group employers

A new self-insurance licence will be granted for two years and licences can be renewed for any period up to four years based on performance.

You may be given a reduced period if you have not performed well as a self-insurer.

A review of your performance may include:

  • if you’re fit and proper to have a licence
  • data performance compared to the scheme and industry
  • your financial position
  • the claims audit report findings
  • compliance with licence conditions
  • occupational health and safety performance
  • the quality of data you’ve provided
  • resources and systems available for claims and rehabilitation management
  • if you have an accredited return to work program
  • payment times of the annual levy
  • maintenance of policies and coverage for re-insurance
  • ability to complete claims liability assessments by approved actuaries
  • complaint management
  • responsiveness.

You can appeal to a District or Supreme Court if you're unhappy with the Workers’ Compensation Regulator's decision on:

  • calculation of the annual levy
  • the issue, renewal or cancellation of your licence
  • non-return of the balance of a bank guarantee or deposit if your licence is cancelled.

Under the Queensland workers’ compensation scheme, employers or workers can review or lodge an appeal about a claim.

Your workers, if unhappy with your decision on a claim, can lodge a review with Workers’ Compensation Regulatory Services . If you or the worker are unhappy with their decision, you or the worker can appeal to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission. You can also make one final appeal to the Industrial Court.

Your workers can get free and independent help from:

You can read about previous decisions of the QIRC and the Industrial Court.

As a self-insurer, you'll be required to pay:

  • a non-refundable application fee to Workers’ Compensation Regulatory Services when you lodge your application to become a self-insurer. This is:
    • $15,375 for single employers
    • $20,500 for group employers
  • an annual levy that is charged from the start date to the end of the next financial year
  • a fee to OIR for preparing your WHS performance report which is:
    • $1,495.66 for single employers
    • $1,990.68 for group employers

If you're applying to become a WHS auditor (self-insurance), there are application and accreditation fees.

The Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Regulation 2014 and the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 outlines fees in full.