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Household worker insurance

WorkCover Queensland

Do you ever hire a cleaner, babysitter, gardener or similar? Directly paying workers to help in or around your home means you could be considered an employer, even if the worker has an ABN.

If someone you hire is injured while working for you, you may be liable for costs relating to their injury, like medical expenses or weekly wage payments if they can't work while recovering.

Our Household Workers’ Insurance policy will cover you if this happens.

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Why should I take out a policy?

More than 30,000 Queenslanders take out cover for their at-home workers. It's a smart choice because some household worker compensation claims can reach over $100,000 (the average claim cost is $10,000).

As a homeowner or tenant, you'll want to be sure the injured person will get the care they need, as well as making sure you're covered for the costs.

What does it cost?

WorkCover Queensland's Household Workers’ Insurance policy is only $50 for up to a two-year term. For policies taken out with less than 12 months remaining in the insurance period, then the cost is $25.

Any new policies taken out from 1 December 2022 will be provided cover to the end of the next insurance period, 31 December 2024.

Who is a household worker?

Household workers are people you employ in, on the grounds of, or in connection to your private home or place you rent. A holiday home is a private dwelling if you don't use it as a rental.

The types of workers you might employ and need to cover include:

  • cleaners
  • nannies
  • babysitters
  • house sitters
  • gardeners
  • handyperson
  • contractors with their own ABNs (who could be an individual sole trader).

If you're a self-managed NDIS participant, your support workers could be household workers if you employ them directly.  If so, you’ll need a Household Worker Policy. Visit the NDIS website for information on your responsibilities as a self-manager.

You can read more detail about this cover in the Household Workers’ Policy Guide (PDF, 1.99 MB).

If you're unsure whether you need a policy for the people who work in or around your home, call us on 1300 362 128. We'll be happy to help you.


Public liability insurance is often packaged into your home and contents insurance to cover people who visit your home.

Rental and investment property workers and tenants

If you rent part of, or your whole house, even if you’re living there, you need an Accident Insurance Policy to cover household workers.

Household Workers’ Insurance doesn't cover tenants injured in or around your residence.

Tenants can take out Household Workers’ Insurance for anyone they hire to do work in a property they rent.

People who work in your home if someone else hires them

Property agents and landlords may hire someone to do work at your property. For example, if an agency hires a cleaner on your behalf, you don't need cover. If they provide a contact from their database, and you hire the cleaner directly, you’ll need to organise Household Workers’ cover.

Likewise, if you employ a cleaner in a property you rent, insurance is your responsibility, not your landlord's.

Company employees

If you hire a trades person who has their own company or who works for a company, you do not need a household workers policy. The tradesperson will either have their own insurance or be covered under their employer's accident insurance policy.

Household employees covered under an Accident Insurance policy

If you employ a worker wholly or partially in connection with a business, they are not a household worker. You need to insure these workers under an Accident Insurance Policy.

Some people use part of their house or its grounds for business. For example, you may have a photography studio, architectural or counselling service or farm on your property. These areas are not considered part of your private dwelling.

If you own a business and have an Accident Insurance Policy for workers, your household workers are also covered under this policy. 

A household worker may not be in your home when they are injured, but they may still be covered under your policy.

The worker could be in your bathroom, on your roof or in your backyard. They may be somewhere else entirely like at the grocery or hardware store picking up supplies. As long as they are doing work in connection with your domestic residence, they are likely to be covered.

Example 1

A policy may cover your nanny while taking the kids to school.

Example 2

You moor a yacht at the local marina. It's used purely for recreational purposes. You hire a cleaner, who is an individual sole trader, to maintain the boat when it's not in use. The cleaning work is in connection with your private dwelling house or grounds. So, the cleaner has cover under a Household Workers’ Insurance policy.

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