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Travel and other costs

As part of your claim, WorkCover will reimburse you for claim-related costs like travel and other items to do with:

Travel and other costs must be considered ‘necessary and reasonable’ and be pre-approved by WorkCover.

What’s not covered?

  • one-way trips less than 20km
  • if there is a closer provider but you choose to go to one further away.

What else will WorkCover pay for?

Other costs we can reimburse (as long as they’re to do with your treatment, rehabilitation or are otherwise related to your claim) include:

  • parking
  • meals, if you have to travel for a whole day or overnight (some limitations apply, talk to your WorkCover contact)
  • chemist costs, such as medication.

These costs also need to be pre-approved by WorkCover and limits apply.

How do I get reimbursed?

You’ll need to provide us with your bank details (if you haven't already done this) and keep your original receipts. Write your name and claim number on the receipts and send them to us by:

If your employer is self-insured their processes might be different so you’ll need to talk to them directly.