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Case 12

The worker made an Application for Compensation on 5 March 2008. The application stated that she had sustained an injury to her left wrist, hand and thumb whilst working as a Duty Manager at a hotel. The claim was accepted and compensation was paid from 24 March 2008 to 13 November 2009.

On 16 September 2008 the worker commenced employment as a Mixed Function Attendant at a Leagues Club whilst continuing to receive compensation payments. At no time did the worker advise WorkCover of this.

The worker pleaded guilty to one charge of fraud and three charges of providing false and misleading information. Prior to her conviction the worker repaid WorkCover $9,203 which was instrumental in the Magistrate accepting that she was remorseful. The worker was given a fine of $2,750 and ordered to pay restitution of $8,919, plus costs.