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Case 11

On 9 September 2008 the worker lodged an Application for Compensation alleging that she sustained an injury to her neck, shoulders, back and wrist following a fall.

On 16 August 2009 the worker, whilst her claim was still ongoing and she was still certified unfit for work, lodged an Application for Compensation advising that whilst working at an RSL Club she sustained an injury to her ankle. Furthermore in a telephone conversation on 19 August 2009 she advised that she also had a second job at Q Build.

Due to information received, investigations revealed the worker commenced work at an RSL Club on 7 September 2008 as a casual bar/gaming attendant and that she continued to engage in this employment for the entire period of her claim. In addition it was determined that she was employed by a labour hire agency where she had continued to work. Further investigations revealed that the Worker undertook further work for another labour hire agency who placed her in the position of a Medical Receptionist.

None of the above mentioned work was disclosed to WorkCover.

On 20 January 2011 the worker pleaded guilty to four charges of fraud and two for providing false and misleading information/statements. She was given a six months wholly suspended sentence for the fraud charges and three months wholly suspended for the false and misleading, with the suspension period being two years and ordered to pay $23,172 restitution and costs. A conviction was recorded.