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Mt Isa, 27 February 2014


27 February 2014


One charge of fraud

Seven charges of false or misleading information or documents


Matter dealt with ex parte (in the worker's absence)


The worker engaged in bull-riding activities during which he apparently sustained some form of injury.

The worker admitted to another person that he had injured himself bull riding but intended to make a claim for workers' compensation alleging he had in fact injured himself at work. The worker subsequently lodged an application for compensation alleging that he had injured himself at work.

A photographer attended the location where the bull riding took place and took a number of photos of the worker. The photos were obtained by the insurer.

In support of his claim for compensation, the worker made a number of false statements to the insurer or registered persons on behalf of the insurer, regarding the cause of his injury and his activities relevant to the cause of his injury.

The total amount of compensation paid during the offence period was $9,024.59.


$8,000.00 fine




Workers' Compensation Regulators' costs - $20,148.12



Consideration for Prevention

A worker should be honest about whether they injured themselves at work or outside of work.