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11-10-2022 Caloundra

Date 11 October 2022

Charge 1 – s 533 – attempted fraud

Industry Healthcare
Court Caloundra Magistrates Court
Complaint filed date 8 March 2022
Plea Guilty to one charge

The worker attempted to defraud the insurer by failing to disclose relevant pre-existing medical history and lying about their capacity for work.


The worker was working as a nurse when they were allegedly assaulted in a patient’s home. The worker lodged an application for compensation with the insurer claiming they sustained a psychological injury because of the incident. In that documentation, they advised that they had no relevant pre-existing medical history. The worker also informed the insurer that they were not working. They informed a psychologist engaged by the insurer that they had no relevant pre-existing medical history and that they only worked after a medical certificate had expired.

Later investigations showed that the worker had relevant and recent pre-existing psychological health conditions, for which they were medicated at the time of the incident. Investigations also showed that the worker had continued to work via employment agencies immediately after the incident and during the claim determination process.


Charge 1 – $1000 fine

Restitution $NIL – attempted fraud only
Costs awarded $9,350
Common Law rights extinguished? Yes
Conviction Not recorded
Consideration for Prevention

Workers must be honest about their pre-existing medical history and their capacity for work.