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WorkCover Connect for employers

Connecting Queensland businesses to everything they need to manage workers' compensation

Gain insight with industry specific trends, claims and injury tracking and up-to-date data and analytics.


WorkCover Connect allows you to create task reminders, contacts and file notes, save your own resource tools, plus access reports and analytics to help your business. Analytics have compare, filter and exclude functionality available on both the safety and claims dashboards. You can include (or exclude) custom fields in your dashboards and assign user permissions based on those fields. This gives you flexibility over the information you can see and analyse. For more information and to get the most out of WorkCover Connect, browse the pages below.

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Top 5 latest features in WorkCover Connect

How to record a Rehab and Return to Work Coordinator in WorkCover Connect

[Introduction visual of WorkCover Queensland logo]

[Text display saying 'How to create/update your Rehab and Return to Work Coordinator (RRTWC) details in WorkCover Connect']

Login to WorkCover Connect.

If you have multiple policies, select the relevant one from the drop down at the top of your home screen.

In WorkCover Connect, Rehab and Return to Work Coordinator details are displayed under Contact > Key Contacts.

Users who have been granted access will have the ability to update or remove an existing Rehab and Return to Work Coordinator or add a new one. If you do not have access but believe this is required please contact WorkCover on 1300 362 128 or call your relationship manager to discuss further.

When adding a new Rehab and Return to Work Coordinator, you may choose from an existing policy contact or add an entirely new contact by selecting Someone not listed.

When updating or adding a new Rehab and Return to Work Coordinator you will now be required to include the following information:

A statement of qualification – this is a short statement about how the Rehab and Return to Work Coordinator is appropriately qualified

[Text display saying 'e.g. John is appropriately qualified as he has 9 years of experience as a RRTWC and completed a Graduate Certificate in Case Management through Griffith University in 2011.']

Workplace location – these are the location or locations that the Rehab and Return to Work Coordinator is responsible for. If more than one, each location should be listed separately.

[Text display saying 'A location can include a specific address (e.g. 20 Warehouse Drive, South Brisbane) or a region if there are numerous locations across the state (e.g. Fraser Coast region).']

Please note that the Rehab and Return to Work Coordinator information you provide may be shared with Workers' Compensation Regulatory Services.

We recommend updating your Rehab and Return to Work Coordinator details when required to ensure they are up to date.

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