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What you need to know about a review

The primary role of the Office of Industrial Relations in the Queensland workers' compensation scheme is to provide an independent prompt non-adversarial review of some decisions made by WorkCover Queensland and insurers.

Review timeframes

A review must be lodged within 3 months of receiving the insurers written reasons for their decision. It is recommended that you use the three months to obtain any additional evidence in support of your application prior to lodging your review.

A review decision will be made within 25 business days, unless an extension has been agreed or information is being exchanged through natural justice processes. The party who has lodged the review has the opportunity to have a 'right of appearance' which can be done either in person or over the phone.

Advice and assistance

You do not need a legal representative in the review process. Any legal advice or representation you may obtain is at your expense. Workers can obtain advice from Queensland Council of Unions phone: 1800 102 166 (you don't need to be a union member). If you are a member of a union, your union may also offer assistance. Employers can obtain advice from The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland phone: 1300 365 855 or a specific association of which you are a member.

Managing extension requests and procedural fairness is governed by policies and procedures.

Lodge an application for review

  1. Complete the Application for review Form 542.3 online or Print out a copy of Form 542.3 - Application for claim review (PDF, 736.3 KB) or  Form 542P - Application for policy/premium review (PDF, 765.14 KB) .
  2. Provide your grounds for review e.g. why you believe the insurer decision is wrong.
  3. Attach all your supporting documents to your application.
  4. Sign the form.
  5. Submit your review application to the Office of Industrial Relations via fax, email or mail, within three months of receiving the written reasons for decision from the insurer.

For more help please read the frequently asked questions.


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Last updated
03 April 2018

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