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What is QOTE?

QOTE is the original series of Queensland full-time adult's ordinary time earnings as declared by the Australian Statistician.

Current QOTE figures

These are the current QOTE figures:

Effective date Amount
QOTE Change
01/07/2006 969.50  
01/07/2007 1,010.40 4.219
01/07/2008 1,052.80 4.196
01/07/2009 1,132.10 7.532
01/07/2010 1,228.20 8.489
01/07/2011 1,263.20 2.850
01/07/2012 1,330.50 5.328
01/07/2013 1,370.10 2.976
01/07/2014 1,422.00 3.788
01/07/2015 1,456.90 2.45
01/07/2016 1,456.90 0.0
01/07/2017 1,482.10 1.73
01/07/2018 1,527.80 3.08
01/07/2019 1,574.00 3.02
01/07/2020 1,609.30 2.24

For the purposes of identifying QOTE as per Section 10A of the Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 (the Act), this is the Average Weekly Earnings, Original Series, All Persons, Full Time Adults Ordinary Time Earnings for QLD as published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Payable amounts of compensation

Each time QOTE changes, the compensation amounts payable to injured workers also need to be adjusted. This usually happens on July 1 each year.

The compensation amounts payable under the Act include:

  • lump sum compensation for latent onset injuries that are terminal conditions
  • weekly payments of compensation
  • lump sum compensation
  • additional lump sum compensation
  • a worker's dependants.

The relevant sections of the Act are section 10A and sections 205 to 207. Your workers' compensation insurer can provide more information about the amounts applicable from July 1.

Last updated
19 June 2020

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