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Accident Insurance

If you have a business in Queensland and employ workers, you are required to insure them against work-related injuries with WorkCover Queensland unless you are a licensed self-insurer (s48, Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003).

WorkCover's Accident Insurance Policy insures you against all statutory and damages claim costs in the event of a work-related injury to your workers. There are no limits or caps to the number of claims that can be made against your policy.

You cannot pay any of your own claim costs in Queensland.

There is no threshold that you must reach before insuring in Queensland. If anyone you employ meets the definition of a worker, then you must insure them within five days of commencing employment. You can take out your policy prior to employing workers provided you have all the necessary information.

Employers who are found to be uninsured may be subject to penalties for unpaid premium and any compensation costs.

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Self insurance

Employers who meet certain criteria can apply to the Workers' Compensation Regulator to insure their own Queensland workers. These employers manage and pay their own statutory and common law claims. They are usually referred to as self-insurers.

Household Worker Insurance

If you employ a household worker, it is compulsory to take out a Household Workers' Insurance Policy to cover you against potential compensation costs if the worker is injured while working for you.

A household worker is a worker you employ solely in and about, or in connection with, your own private dwelling or the grounds of the dwelling. This may include individual sole trader contractors with ABN’s operating their own business

Some examples of household workers include cleaners, nannies, baby sitters, gardeners, tradespeople and in-home carers.

At just $50 for two years, WorkCover’s Household Worker insurance policy gives you peace of mind.

More information about Household Worker Insurance

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Workplace Personal Injury Insurance

Workplace personal Injury Insurance is an optional insurance and covers anyone deemed an eligible person under Section 23 of the Act. An eligible person, is an individual who, other than as a worker, receives remuneration or other benefit for performing work, or providing services as a contractor, a self employed individual, a director of a company, a partner of a partnership, a trustee of a trust. These persons can insure themselves by taking out this type of policy regardless of age or health.

More information about Workplace Personal Injury Insurance

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28 March 2019

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