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Work-related injuries

What to do if you are a worker injured at work

If you have been injured at work, you should:

  • seek medical assistance and get a work capacity certificate
  • tell your employer about your injury and provide them with your work capacity certificate as soon as possible
  • lodge your claim, including your work capacity certificate with WorkCover Queensland (or contact your employer if they are self-insured) as soon as possible
  • start your rehabilitation as soon as possible—work has been proven to be beneficial to the recovery process.

What is a work-related injury?

An injury is 'a personal injury arising out of, or in the course of, employment if the employment is a significant contributing factor to the injury.'

Injuries can happen at work, travelling to and from work or while on a break from work. Injuries can also take place if a worker is travelling for work, or visiting other workplaces or sites for the purposes of their job.

Examples of different types of injuries:

Employees may be covered while working from home, as long as the injuries arise out of, or in the course of, employment, and the employment is a significant contributing factor to the injury. Employees may be covered for injuries sustained while working from home and on a recess break.

Each case is reviewed based on the individual facts at the time. Once a claim is made, WorkCover will contact the employer for further information and to notify them that a new claim has been made on their policy. If you have specific queries, please call WorkCover on 1300 362 128.

Make a claim for workers' compensation

Last updated
16 October 2019

Lend Lease reaps benefit of helping motivated injured workers recover at work

Property and infrastructure group, Lend Lease is giving injured workers a new lease on life and rehabilitating them back to work sooner through WorkCover Queensland's Recover at Work host employment program.


Lend Lease and Recover at Work

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