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Physical demands - grocery store worker - delicatessen (serving customers from the cabinet)

Description of photos (below)

  • The deli cabinet was 1400mm high and 900mm deep. The leading edge was 700mm above floor level where there was a 250mm shelf in front of the cabinets to rest trays on (photo 1, 4, 8). This increased the reach required to access the products on trays in the cabinet. It was collapsible, but this was not considered practical to do for every occasion of reaching into cabinet.
  • Reach to the front tray (worker side of cabinet) was 250-600mm (photo 1). To the middle tray was 600- 900mm (photo 2). To the deepest (closest to customer) was 900-1200mm photo 3-5.
  • Reach to the deepest tray required shoulder elevation 90° plus truncal forward lean with various degrees of side-bend and rotation depending on technique. In general the head stayed outside the cabinet (photo 6) and so was extended to avoid hitting the top/front edge at 1400mm.
  • The product was retrieved by hand (pincer or grasp) or using tongs.
  • At some stores there were pillars (photo 7) and scales (photos 8) obstructing cabinet access. The scales were at 1400mm and sat in front of the cabinet glass. The worker would need to reach around or under the scales requiring greater reach and awkward cervical posturing.
  • Individual items weighed grams (<1kg), but often handled at reach.
  • The heaviest trays weighed 5-6kg. If the trays needed to be replenished of stock, they'd be lifted from the cabinet and taken to the 900mm bench behind. If the middle or deepest tray needed access, the closest tray would be moved out of the way and reach +/- tongs used to pull the tray closer.
  • Placing produce on the scales is seen in photo 10. Thumbs or index fingers were used to enter data to produce a sticky barcode. Both arms would be elevated to 90-100° to wrap the produce on the scales (photo 12) plus various wrist dexterity angles.

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