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Physical demands - grocery store worker - delicatessen (deli cool room)

Description of photos (below)

  • The top shelf in the cool room was 1700mm (photo 14). A step was available to access the top shelf. Depending  on  how high the  store  stacked products,  there  may still  be  requirement for shoulder elevation 135-150°.
  • Heaviest items handled included 12kg boxes of chicken necks, 7.5kg bottles of olives, 13kg boxes of ham, 10kg boxes of bacon etc, and sundry lighter items.
  • Boxes were retrieved, carried using a hook grip, a short distance to the 900mm high work benches at the deli.
  • Sometimes bulk products needed to be sliced (see next gallery).

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13. Retrieving boxes from lower shelves
14. Highest boxes were tipped down onto the shelf to be lifted
15. Retrieving boxes from top shelf