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Physical demands - grocery store worker - delicatessen (roast chickens)


Please note these images are for illustrative purposes only to provide a basic understanding of the tasks involved for this job. They do not necessarily represent compliant or best practice safe work.

Description of photos (below)

  • 5kg pushing force was required to move the trolley laden with rodded chickens. Handle was at chest level (photo 20).
  • There were typically 4 chickens on each rod, which weighed 7kg and were lifted 1300mm to the chicken oven (photo 21).
  • The buttons to turn on the oven were at 1700mm and required <90° shoulder elevation and limited cervical extension (photo 22).

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20. Pushing trolleys of rodded chickens
21. Lifting rods of chickens into oven
22. Turning on oven