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Physical demands - grocery store worker - delicatessen (cutting, wrapping, replenishing trays)

Description of photos (below)

  • Bulk smallgoods items were placed on the slicer, typically sitting at chest height atop the 900mm workbench (photos 16-17).
  • While the slicer had automatic functions, for larger pieces such as prosciutto (photo 17), the machine's spring-loaded clamp did not extend far enough to restrain the item, and so the worker needed to manually hold the product. This required shoulder abduction 90° /internal rotation and some downward force. Neck was slightly flexed.
  • The slices were removed from the cutting machine by gloved hand or tongs to be placed in the tray (photo 18), or directly placed on the scales to be wrapped for a customer.
  • The replenished trays were placed back into the cabinet trays. Trays weighed up to 5-6kg, but to replace the replenished tray, it was placed on the front/worker's edge and pushed down to the correct tier.
  • Bulk product was retrieved from the cool room storage and placed at rear of the 900mm shelf.
  • Any surplus bulk produce or smallgoods were re-wrapped as seen in photo 19.

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16. Using the meat slicer
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