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Even better workers' compensation for Queensland

A final report from an independent review of the state's Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Act has been published.

The review showed that while the scheme is performing well, there are ways it can be improved to better help Queensland workers and businesses get the support they need if someone is injured or develops illness as a result of their work.

A wide range of key industry stakeholders contributed to the review, including registered industrial organisations, employers, insurers, and the legal, medical, and allied health professions.

A total of 54 recommendations were made by the reviewers. They include building on the existing focus for early intervention, an enhanced response to secondary mental injuries, even more support for those returning to work, and further education and prevention programs.

The review also proposed extending presumptive coverage for firefighters to include additional occupational cancers, in response to recent findings from the World Health Organisation.

In line with the previous act review in 2018, a stakeholder reference group will be established to work with the Office of Industrial Relations on the development of policy proposals. This will be used to inform the Government’s response to the review, which will be published in 2024.