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Beware: Further recall for LGES home energy storage batteries

Have you read the latest LG ESS Home Energy Storage System Batteries recall notice (27 March 2023) to recheck serial numbers? The recall notice was further extended to include S/A Gen LG batteries housed in other branded home energy storage systems.

The ACCC updated the LG ESS Batteries Recall Notice advising consumers that affected S/A Gen2 batteries have also been supplied in unbranded generic cabinets.

A further recall of LG batteries to recheck serial numbers was issued following errors detected in the LG online serial checker. Electrical contractors who have installed any recalled batteries should help customers by heading to the LGES battery checker.

S/A Gen2 batteries may have also been installed in non-LG branded systems including: SolaX Power Station, SolaX X-Cabinet, Opal Storage, Redback SH5000, Red Earth Sunrise, Red Earth Drop Bear, Eguana Evolve, VARTA Pulse Neo, and battery modules contained in a generic cabinet (many of which are identifiable by connection to a Selectronic inverter).

If you or your clients have installed any of the recalled batteries, make sure the batteries are immediately switched off until replaced. To switch off the battery, refer to the instruction manual of the energy storage system or contact the manufacturer for advice.

Since October 2019, there has been 10 incidents nationally and five in the United States, where the batteries overheated and caught fire, resulting in property damage and injury.

Affected batteries fall between April 2017 - September 2018 and supplied between 15 May 2017 - 30 December 2019. If in doubt, contact LG Energy Solution Australia on 1300 677 273 or

Some LG batteries are covered by a related recall by SolaX that can be found at PRA 2022/19420 - SolaX Power Aus Pty Ltd - LG S/A Gen2 ESS Batteries.

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