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Innovative approach - formwork jump lights

Persons in control of a business or undertaking have a duty to prevent workers and other people from being injured by any falling object during formwork activities.

Control measures should aim to prevent objects from falling in the first place. If objects do fall, there should be control measures to prevent injury. Falling objects are significant hazards, creating risks to workers and others, when jumping forms.

Hutchinson Builders, in consultation with key stakeholders including Site WHS Committee members, and electrical and formworks subcontractors on their "Brunswick & Co" project, have trialled an innovative approach to keeping people out of harm’s way while jumping their formwork system.

Red flashing warning lights have been installed in highly visible locations, on each corner of their jump form. The lights are activated while jumping activities are underway to alert site personnel to keep clear of the area. Exclusion zones are also in place. The warning lights are an additional control implemented to protect people from falling objects. Hutchinson Builders has reported that the warning lights are working well and are an effective adaptation to safe work processes.

Further information

Visit Formwork code of practice 2016 (PDF, 1.32 MB) for more information on safely using formwork.

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