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Physical demands - plasterer


Please note these images are for illustrative purposes only to provide a basic understanding of the tasks involved for this job. They do not necessarily represent compliant or best practice safe work.

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Using a scribe to score plaster sheets to cut them to size.
Various sized sheets are lifted, carried and positioned by two workers.
Sheets are positioned for fastening.
Fastened to studs using a hand held impact gun.
Use of ladder required to position upper level plaster sheets.
15kg buckets of compound and solutions are lifted, carried and poured between floor and waist level.
Using power mixer to mix various compounds.
Manual hand/block sanding between floor and overheard (roof) for finishing tasks.
Using a power sander with vacuum attachment.
Applying filler compounds.
Lifting of plasterboard sheeting overhead for ceilings.
Fastening ceiling sheeting.