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Catch up on Safe Work Month and Mental Health Week livestream events

Mental Health Week and Safe Work Month recordings available!

Best practice

If you missed out on attending events during Safe Work Month and Mental Health Week in October, it’s not too late!

Learn how you can make a difference in your workplace and support a safe and early return to work for workers with a psychological injury.

Why is this important

Supporting a worker with a psychological injury requires a person-centred approach. To do this, you need to explore a range of factors to understand how the psychological injury affects the worker. Factors include a worker’s fear of re-injury, support measures to help them adjust to the injury at home and at work, and their views about ability to work. You may also need to lead change in your workplace to manage risks, implement changes and support return to work.

Your toolkit

  • Rehabilitation and return to work plans for psychological injuries
  • Julia Bunn, Queensland President of the Australian Rehabilitation Providers’ Association (ARPA), considers practical strategies to help employers and rehabilitation and return to work coordinators, insurers, and medical and rehabilitation providers to manage psychological injuries. Julia considers best practice approaches and uses a case study to illustrate how these strategies were implemented.

    Julia’s presentation shows that although psychological claims can be typically more complex and longer in duration, with a person-centred approach and effective planning and with the help of an expert health provider, a successful return to work outcome can be achieved for the benefit of the injured worker and employer.

  • Panel discussion: Psychologically safe suitable duties
  • Hear considerations and practical advice for ensuring suitable duties programs are psychologically safe for your workers. Featuring:

    • Nicole Hughes from the Psychological Health Unit, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.
    • Sarah-Jane Robson from Workers’ Compensation Regulatory Services.
    • Mental Health Specialist and Occupational Therapist, Julie O’Sullivan
  • Shifting the dial on the regulation of mental health at work
  • Office of Industrial Relations Executive Directors Janene Hillhouse and Yasmin Cox will discuss how Workplace Health and Safety Queensland and Workers’ Compensation Regulatory Services are working together to address increasing work-related psychological injuries, how the scheme has ‘shifted’ to respond to key factors and trends in psychological health, and what you can do to make a difference in your workplace.

Catch up on the full program of Work Well 365 and Mental Health Week virtual events and download free resources.