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Transport company halves workers’ comp claims

Goodall Transport Queensland has halved its workers’ compensation claims after working with the Queensland Government’s Injury Prevention and Management (IPaM) program on its health and safety procedures and training.

The family business, which moved to Queensland in 2000, was referred to the IPaM program after its compensation premiums became higher than the average industry rate. IPaM is a joint initiative between WorkCover Queensland and Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

There is no charge to participate in the IPaM program and it is available to any Queensland employer with a WorkCover Queensland policy, regardless of size or business maturity. Once in the program, you are allocated an IPaM advisor who will take the time to understand your business needs before providing tailored advice and a plan of action. Your advisor will support you on your journey to a safer workplace.

Working together, IPaM and Goodall Transport conducted a system assessment and hazard/risk reviews, as well as a climate survey of all workers and company leaders. The detailed action plan included the following actions to improve existing procedures:

  • increased participation in safety discussions from senior management
  • improved position descriptions for all roles, including WHS responsibilities
  • a performance management process to assist in monitoring safety
  • monthly hazard inspections
  • risk assessments for hazardous manual tasks
  • risk register developed
  • improved and formalised verification of competency process
  • training register expanded
  • an injured worker pack to assist with rehabilitation and return to work
  • possible suitable duties list and a suitable duties program template drawn up.

Goodall Transport’s Lyn Goodall said the changes had seen claims reduce by 50 per cent and average days to return to work reduced dramatically during the past year.

“We found it gave us a fresh perspective on health and safety procedures and helped us change the overall safety culture of our company and employees,” she said.

“Although we had procedures and risk management in place, IPaM helped us to fine tune our systems and record them more effectively.

“It was fantastic to have our own advisor because having someone who knows your business and can assist on a more personal level is very beneficial.

“I think it’s well worth contacting IPaM to get help. We have experienced a lower number of incidents so this should flow through to our premium costing as we go along.”

Goodall Transport QLD

Goodall Transport QLD improving work safety: company director Lyn Goodall, HR manager Melissa Mathews and IPaM senior advisor Richard Taylor.

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