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Identifying and assessing chronic disease workplace risks

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has two free online tools to assist businesses make their workplaces healthier.

The tools help identify and assess work health and wellbeing risks that can cause poor physical health. They are backed by industry professionals and based on current health guidelines.

The tools include:

  • Healthy workplace audit tool (DOCX, 0.58 MB) – to assess workplace systems and environment, identifying current good practice and gaps, as well as establishing a baseline for your organisation to measure improvement against. It is completed by an organisation's representative, such as the work health, safety and wellbeing coordinator or committee. Complete the audit tool online.
  • Healthy workers survey (PDF, 0.41 MB) – provides a profile of your workforce's health and wellbeing status. It is completed by workers in your organisation with a de-identified organisational report provided.

Together, the tools provide a holistic view of your workplace health and wellbeing risk factors and assist you to develop targeted interventions. Knowing the risks will help you plan your approach to work health and wellbeing and ensure that your interventions are targeted at the right areas.

Further information

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