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IPaM can help you develop a safety management system

Involving employees in workplace safety is paying dividends for Booval’s Ross Llewellyn Motors. RLM workers now participate in weekly toolbox meetings and regular safety audits to highlight hazards and potential counter measures.

The Queensland Government’s Injury Prevention and Management program worked with RLM and their recently appointed compliance manager David Triggs to bring about the renewed focus on safety.

Ross Llewellyn Motors has grown over time and now employs 200 people, but its safety systems developed in an ad hoc way and weren’t keeping up with what the business needed.

IPaM helped David develop a comprehensive safety management system tackling site specific hazards through a risk management approach, including training, supervision, safe work procedures, safety reporting and worker involvement.

“When we started to review safety management systems using a standardised tool it was as though we were talking another language,” said David.

“There was a lot in place, but it was lacking structure”.

RLM approached IPaM with a request for help to review existing work safety arrangements and identify opportunities for improvement. After an initial meeting with IPaM, it was agreed the 12-month Advance program was going to suit.

“Prior to commencing this program, we had no SOP manual or processes in place. Now, we have just finished building a standard operating procedure manual for machinery and plant and this is reviewed regularly and used to train staff. Once staff have been trained, it is recorded in our online training register. We’ve also just implemented a comprehensive traffic management plan using resources from WHSQ and consultation with other dealerships”.

System, hazard/risk reviews were conducted, and staff asked for their opinions on safety culture of the organisation. RLM’s safety management system can now update and manage safety procedures and policies more effectively. Safety boards have been set up across the dealership and all departments have input in the process that management oversees and updates monthly with involvement from both upper and lower management levels.

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