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Winter hot desk hygiene

As the weather starts to cool and the cold and flu season sets in, it's a timely reminder for both employers and workers to prioritise the importance of workplace hygiene practices, particularly within hot desking and agile work environments.

The flu season in Queensland typically runs from May to October, peaking in August. This period poses a heightened risk of illness transmission, making it essential to adopt preventive measures to safeguard against germs and maintain a healthy workspace.

Employers and workers can implement a variety of simple yet effective strategies to mitigate the spread of germs and illnesses in hot desking environments. These measures include:

  • encouraging individuals to stay home if they are feeling unwell
  • promoting the use of personal equipment to minimise device sharing
  • regular sanitisation of workspaces using disinfectant wipes or surface cleaners
  • maintaining clutter-free workspaces
  • practicing good hand hygiene
  • encouraging workers to eat in designated places and not at their desks.

Download and display our hot desking hygiene factsheet (PDF, 0.2 MB) in your workplace to promote healthy habits for your workers.

Remember, hot desking hygiene is not just about self-protection, it's about safeguarding everyone around us, especially those who are vulnerable or may have compromised immune systems. By implementing these simple measures, you can ensure a healthier and more productive workplace for all.

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