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G&D Lawrie Builders evolved with injury prevention training

It's been just on six months since G&D Lawrie Builders signed up for the Queensland Government's Injury Prevention and Management program, but there have been some big improvements at the Gladstone based company.

In September 2019, G&D Lawrie Builders self-referred for IPaM's Evolve program. After some soul-searching, the company realised professional help was needed to review its safety and injury management systems so the business could evolve and blossom.

G&D Lawrie Builders is a commercial and residential construction company which has been building homes in the Gladstone region for 15 years. Owner Geordie Lawrie has been in the game for 24 years and with the business enjoying solid growth, he and the team decided to venture into commercial construction in recent years.

Since starting the Evolve program, G&D Lawrie Builders has improved consultation with its workers around job planning and site safety, enhanced safe work procedures and training of workers, and upgraded record maintenance.

"The IPaM program has helped us to embrace the culture of safety and helped to change our habits to include safety as an everyday protocol", Geordie said.

"It has encouraged us to put safety at the forefront of our minds and made sure this flows on to all jobs, everyday".

"For such a small amount of effort in everyday working life, it has huge gains for all involved".

G&D Lawrie Builders is scheduled to complete the IPaM program next month.

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