Recover at Work program

What is Recover at Work?

The Recover at Work (RAW) program places injured workers in short term host employment with employers who have an established track record of successful return to work outcomes with their own workers.

The programs usually run for 3–6 weeks. WorkCover pays the worker's wages when they participate in a suitable duties program and the host employer benefits from the services of an additional skilled worker.

At the end of the placement, there is no obligation to employ.

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What are the benefits?

By strategically matching injured workers with employers, the RAW program provides benefits to workers, employers and industry including:

  • influencing industry premium rates
  • recognition as an industry leader and mentor
  • being socially conscious
  • retaining skilled workers within an industry
  • the ability to observe a worker's performance on the job  
  • WorkCover funded labour with no obligation to employ
  • protection against additional claim costs.

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Become a host employer

If you are interested in becoming a host employer or would like more information, please call your WorkCover contact or call 1300 362 128 and ask to be put through to a customer advisor in your industry.

How does it work?

If suitable duties are not available with the injured worker's current employer, WorkCover will:

  • discuss the option of host employment with the current employer and injured worker
  • source a suitable RAW employer, considering industry and location
  • conduct a worksite assessment
  • commence the RAW program and monitor until completion.

'Doing' promotes recovery

Research shows that being off work for a long period of time can have a negative impact on a worker and their family, and can reduce the likelihood of a worker ever returning to work.

If a person is off work for:

  • 20 days - 70% chance of returning to work
  • 45 days - 50% chance of returning to work
  • 70 days - 35% chance of returning to work

Recovering at work can significantly improve the outcome for an injured worker.

Placement goals

Work fitness:
The host employer provides a supportive working environment for the worker. The worker builds their capacity to work as they recover from their injury and return to their pre-injury role.

Vocational placement:
If the worker is unable to return to their pre-injury role, WorkCover utilises a host employer who has a vacant job that the injured worker may be able to continue with once they are able to work again. The ideal outcome is that the worker remains at work even after their claim with WorkCover finishes.

Success stories

Take a look at some great examples of how host employers have supported willing injured workers in their return to work.

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Who pays the injured worker's wages?

The RAW employer does not have to pay wages. WorkCover funds wages for RAW placements.

What if we need any workplace adjustments to cater for the worker's injuries?

WorkCover will pay for reasonable costs to upgrade the working environment to assist in the return to work of the injured worker.

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