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We’re listening – insights from our 2023 e-bulletin survey

We asked for your help to improve our Rehabilitation and Return to Work e-bulletins. As a result of your feedback, we’ve added a new ‘What actions can I take now’ section to each e-bulletin article. This section links best practice with real-world application.

Best practice

Best practice for us as a regulator is to listen to your feedback and deliver scheme information and resources you need to support your business and help workers recover and return to work early and safely.

Why this is important

We asked for your help to improve these e-bulletins. You told us:

  • you have roles in rehabilitation, return to work coordination and/or work health and safety
  • you have ten or more years of experience in the Queensland’s workers’ compensation scheme
  • you value the e-bulletins as they are.

You want more information about recovery and return to work, psychosocial hazards and risks, scheme trends, injury prevention, legislative insights and interstate comparisons.

You also want to see actionable guidance and case studies, particularly for complex cases.

What actions will we take now?

Your input counts. We are already making changes to improve things for you.

We’ve added a new section: ‘What actions can I take now’. This links best practice with real-world application.

We will maintain our focus on both physical and mental injuries, informed by current trends and campaigns. We will include evidence-based best practice and show you what it may look like in everyday work.

Your toolkit