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How to look after your workers wellbeing over the holiday season

Best practice

Check in with your workers and support them to look after their mental health during the holiday season.

Why this is important

For some, the holiday season can be a lonely time or trigger financial, relationship or family stress. If your workers are away from work due to their injury, they may feel particularly isolated.

Your toolkit

  • Check-in with your injured worker. A simple “How can I help you?” can make a big difference to your worker’s mental wellbeing by showing them that you genuinely care and are there to support them.
  • Let them know that they aren’t alone and provide them with details of the following services:
  • Check out the N.O.E.L. tool. Developed by a mental health nurse, the tool covers four key components to beating the Christmas blues:
    • Learning when to say No
    • Opening up about how you feel
    • Enjoying what you can
    • Looking forward.
  • If you or your workers are finding the holiday season stressful or feeling anxious about finances, family or loneliness, follow these steps to help avoid stress and anxiety around Christmas time:
    1. Taking care of money worries: identify what’s causing you financial stress; find low-cost ways to have fun. Reach out to WorkCover or your insurer to confirm that any payments for your injured workers will proceed as scheduled during the holiday period.
    2. Dealing with family tension: set realistic expectations; drink in moderation; avoid known triggers.
    3. Managing loneliness: connect with friends and family; volunteer or attend community events; make plans for Christmas Day.
    4. Stay healthy to avoid Christmas anxiety: eat well; exercise; get regular sleep.