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Take time to learn about mentally healthy workplaces

Building a mentally healthy workplace makes good business sense, with plenty of evidence showing you’ll see less injuries, compensation claims and absenteeism while reaping the benefits of a thriving, engaged workforce. If that doesn’t convince you to make a few changes, it’s worth remembering you have a legal duty to control psychological health and safety risks to your workers, the same as you do for physical risks.

Mental Health Week (9-17th October) promotes the importance of mental health and wellbeing and aims to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. This year’s theme is 'Take time' – please take the time to consider how you can support this important campaign and demonstrate your commitment to a mentally healthy workplace.

The Mental Health Forum is an opportunity to hear from industry experts as we discuss how we can promote mentally healthy workplaces, prevent psychological injuries, intervene early and support recovery. With a stellar line up of speakers, we aren’t shying away from the tough topics!

Highlights include:

  • Craig Hamilton discussing his experience building resiliency and overcoming adversity – he shares his inspiring story of battling a serious mental illness, experiencing a psychotic episode, and being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. He talks candidly about the importance of workplaces helping to reduce the stigma associated with mental health conditions.
  • the common features of workplace bullying and a range of intervention strategies to help you in your workplaces
  • the psychological reactions people have to COVID, the importance of early intervention and supporting workers through the return-to-work process including the growing awareness of secondary psychology overlay
  • setting yourself and others up for success, with insights into how to manage challenging situations, challenge your own assumptions and reframe how you treat difficult conversations
  • the latest from the international stage on intervention strategies for PTSD in the workplace and putting a stop to sexual harassment - including the latest research, strategies and guidance in Australia and exploring the emerging role of bystanders to enhance your workplace culture and put a stop to sexual harassment for good.

Attending the Mental Health Forum is a great opportunity to show your commitment to building mentally healthy workplaces and improve your organisational awareness of psychological health and safety. Improved knowledge and awareness results in better proactive early intervention, helps to reduce stigma and builds manager and leader capabilities.