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It takes a community to return an injured worker to work

Successfully returning an injured worker to their workplace involves multiple people, working together in a coordinated way. But who drives the process? And how does everyone know if the person at the centre of it all is getting the right treatment, for the right diagnosis, at the right time?

Sid O’Toole will dive into these questions and more at this year’s Injury Prevention and Return to Work Conference. He will explore:

  • how to identify what best practice looks like
  • the role of each key stakeholder
  • the importance of being on the same page – including communicating with the treating doctor
  • how to identify when return to work is going off course
  • what to do when return to work is not progressing.

With a dedicated stream for rehab and return to work professionals, you'll be sure to find something in the program to inform and empower you to make positive change and improve  return to work in your business.

Further highlights

Keynote speaker Suzanne Gibson will be sharing practical strategies and tools to effectively engage psychologists and treating doctors in the return to work process – ensuring you get the information you need to maximise positive and durable return-to work outcomes.

We’ll also look at strategies to engage, support and motivate employees in the return-to-work process with Dr Jacqui Stanford. Jacqui will look at the symptoms and functional capacity in all domains and will discuss what recovery means, as well as how to identify and harness motivation within employees. She will take you through practical return to work considerations for pain, stress, depression, and anxiety, along with communication strategies that achieve one consistent message.

Returning to work after a psychological injury can be tough, even more so following COVID-19. Simon Brown-Greaves joins us to explore contemporary developments in a post flexible work context and reflects on what have we learnt from the COVID-19 and lockdown experience – globally and in Australia. He’ll also bust some myths of traditional return to work thinking and provide insights into how to collaborate with workers in the return-to-work context.

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