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Under 16s jumping onto quad bikes? Think again.

Tougher regulation is on the way for Queensland businesses.

Quad bikes are synonymous with the Queensland way of life for many farmers and primary producers. Their adaptability, ease of use, and low running costs make them a valuable asset for many workplaces, but they also pose significant risks if they’re not used correctly.

Changes to the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 (WHS Regulation) are now being progressed in line with the feedback received from industry, community, legal and medical professionals following a recent coronial inquest into nine quad-bike related deaths.

The amendments are specific to quad bikes used for work and relate to three areas: age restriction, passenger restriction, and helmet use.

The new legislation will mandate quad bikes in workplaces only to be used by someone 16 years or above (or in accordance with age advice by the manufacturer). This will mean that children will not be allowed on adult-sized quad bikes and will only be able to ride on age-appropriate quad bikes in workplaces.

Passenger restrictions will mean a quad bike operator cannot carry another passenger unless the bike is designed to, and the passenger must meet manufacturer age specifications, or be over 16.

All riders of quad bikes must wear a fitted and fastened helmet.

Changes to this legislation do not relate to side-by-side vehicles (SSVs). This reflects feedback received through consultation, that quad bikes were identified as having a significantly higher risk profile than SSVs.

The legislation affects quad bike use in a workplace setting and is not relevant to recreational use (i.e., in a private residential setting for leisure or fun). Transport legislation also prescribes requirements for quad bikes being used on roads or road-related areas.

It is expected the amended legislation will commence in 2024. Read more about the outcome of the consultation on changes to the laws for quad bikes at workplaces.