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Health and safety paramount for food delivery services

The food delivery industry revolves around ordering and the delivery of food and drinks from cafés and restaurants to customers by delivery drivers and riders. Whether you're a business selling food or a delivery company, it’s essential to prioritise health and safety and effectively manage the associated risks.

Delivery drivers or riders can be directly employed or engaged by a food establishment, a delivery company, or via a delivery platform. Typically, delivery requests come through a mobile application.

The food delivery industry can ensure the health and safety of delivery workers by creating a safer environment for everyone involved and by implementing appropriate safety measures through effective risk management.

Use the Safety Fundamentals toolkit for small businesses, including sole traders, to help you understand your legal obligations to create a safer, healthier and more successful business. The kit is comprised of seven different modules that you can work through in sequence, or start with the topic of your choice.

Head to Safe Work Australia’s website for Deliver yourself home safely fact sheets, infographics, campaign kits, videos and more.

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