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Enforceable undertakings: Helping improve worker safety for industry and community

An enforceable undertaking is an alternative to a court-imposed sanction, such as a fine, for an alleged contravention of work health and safety laws.

It is a written, legally binding commitment to deliver effective health and safety initiatives, providing tangible benefits for workers, industry, and the community.

Indigenous and community programs receive support through enforceable undertaking

Alertvale Pty Ltd recently entered into an enforceable undertaking that will see the company donate a portion of the total $368,384 commitment supporting Indigenous and community programs, such as Pathways to Employment Program and Indigenous Health and Wellbeing Schools Care and Community Support Program. The EU will also see the company work toward improving safety for workers through training programs, equipment upgrades, and collaboration with training organisations.

Alertvale Pty Ltd specialises in heavy fabrication, engineering, field services, abrasive blasting, and painting services within the mining sector. In 2019, a suspended load fell during a forklift operation, injuring an employee working at the premises. It was later revealed that the forklift operator did not hold a high-risk work licence.

Enforceable undertaking invests in occupational health and safety scholarships

Gladstone Ports Corporation Limited will invest a minimum of $612,554 after entering into an enforceable undertaking following a workplace incident at the RG Tanna Coal Terminal.

GPC is committed to partnering with two universities, offering a three-year scholarship program for one student, and a four-year scholarship for two students over to complete undergraduate degrees in Occupational Health and Safety. The programs will provide funding to assist with tuition fees, study costs and an opportunity for students to utilise GPCs sites for any practical components of their studies.

Two workers were investigating a faulty tail lift on a truck. They used an overhead gantry crane to sling the outboard end of the tail lift and position it horizontally but inadvertently knocked out the pins supporting the tail lift, causing it to drop and strike both workers.

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