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Hazchem register requirements explained

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has published information and resources on hazardous chemical registers, with links to a national hazchem register template.

A hazchem register is a list of hazardous chemicals stored, handled or used at a workplace. All workplaces with hazardous chemicals must keep a register to be used by workers.

Where there is more than one duty holder, there must also be consultation between those duty holders and each must meet their requirements for the register. There are fines associated with non-compliant registers.

The register must be accessible to all workers involved in using, storing or handling hazardous chemicals and anyone else who is likely to be affected by them.

The register must be kept in a format that is accessible to workers. It must include the current safety data sheets (SDS) for each of the hazardous chemicals listed. An electronic register can be used at workplaces where workers have access to a computer.

Chemicals that are not classified as hazardous chemicals or are excluded under work health and safety laws do not need to be included on the register.

Further information

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